Terms of Use

The licensing on our digital products is simple. You may:

  • Sell or stream the music you create with the sounds, as long as the song has other sounds (you can't just use the sample as-is with nothing else and call it a song)
  • Sell licensed beats that contain the samples
  • Use it in productions for clients
  • Basically as long as you're making music with the samples, you're good to go!

You may not:

  • Sell the individual files inside the OddLabs products
  • Give the products for free to other people
  • Use the audio files, Kontakt libraries or preset to create a sample pack that you sell or give away
  • Basically you're not permitted to use our products to make your own product(s)

 If you're unsure about your use case for our products please reach out to oddeeyeeofficial@gmail.com